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I am using KeePass and I think about switching to Enpass.
But I also tested 1Password.

What arguments do you have for Enpass?
Why is Enpass better than the others?

I am using a Windows 10 Pro Desktop and also a Windows 10 Mobile phone (Lumia 950 XL).
I also have an older Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4, this is the model that won't explode if you turn it on).

Give me reasons to switch!



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I have used 1password for long time on iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. But currently i am switching to linux, since apple's new hardware disappoints me. 

1password has no linux support, so i checked the alternatives. LastPass has monthly subscription model, RoboForm as well. I tried KeePass as well, it has a great ecosystem, but it was too tinker-y for my taste, e.g. Browser integration (you have to install a plugin for KeePass, KeepassHTTP, and a browser extension, and all...) Keep in mind, i am coming from apple ecosystem where it "just works" in around 65-70%. 

I selected Enpass because it has a 1password style approach (which KeePass hasn't), plus the switch was cheap (just a mobile app, desktop is free). I payed around 60€ in 2013 fir 1password, plus 8€ for mobile app. Enpass has no forced Cloud Sync option like LastPass, and like 1password is slowly forcing its users into. Enpass has official Linux Support and isn't very tinker-y. It works out of the box for me. So, my main reason for Enpass was: Linux Support, no forced cloud use, works out of the box. 

If you come from Keepass, i'd recommend Enpass over 1password. It has lower price, no monthly subscription model, and lets you keep the control over your data. 

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I agree with ttk. I was a longterm user of Lastpass and honestly - function-wise it is still unbeaten and runs smoothly on every single platform including Chrome OS.

Unfortunately Lastpass stores the credentials on their own servers, located in the US. As a matter of fact this is an attrative goal for hackers so Lastpass was targeted 3 times in the last years...additionally they changed their business model and most people that had and paid from Premium will switch to the free version now. But...how do they earn money? Somehow I can't trust them anymore.

1password is simply...too expensive. And: no Google Drive support.

Keepass is safe and free. But the usage is crap, especially on Chrome OS and iOS. I don't see any REAL alternative to Enpass which isn't perfect to me either...but the best compromise of all.


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