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[Duplicate] Check Entries agains known Breaches

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I have a suggestion for Enpass that increases the security of passwords and alerts the user when a website was hacked and a password change is recommended.

The password manager 1Password has a feature called watchtower.
They have a internal database of security breaches (the site was hacked and user data was stolen) and check if the password of the specified website was changed after the breach.
So they have two modification dates: one modification date of the password itself and one for the total entry.

The password entry for a page was last changed today, but the password itself was changed 2 years ago.
When there was a breach for this website 6 months ago, then 1Password would alert the user and recommend a password change.

For the password manager KeePass there was a new plugin released today, called HaveIBeenPwned.
This plugin downloads the public breach lists form "'have i been pwned?" and from "Cloudbleed Checker"
The website of the plugin is

I suggest that you add also such a feature in Enpass.
In my opinion it is OK if you use the public lists (like the KeePass Plugin).
So Add in the "Password Audit" two new entries for these services and check all password entries.
It is up to you if you implement a separate modification date of the password.



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