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Moving data from WP to Android


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I've had Enpass on my windows phone for quite a few years now. Works perfectly and backs up to OneDrive. I've since been forced to abandon my WP for an android phone. I understand that I'll need a new license for the android app, no problem. What I am unsure of is how to migrate the data. I looked in my OneDrive acct and found the Enpass folder containing one file, sync_default.walletx. So here's the question... if I tell my android app to sync to OneDrive, will the file I now have be compatible, or will it be over written by a new blank file (and therefore losing all my data)???

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Hi, this is easy. I understand your concern, but what you do is what everybody has done many times when a new device is added. It is described here:


Just connect your Android App to your OneDrive, and tell it that you want to restore, not set up a new user. This is the difference.

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And it wouldn't hurt to first

  • Make a copy of sync_default.walletx
  • Install Enpass desktop on Windows, Linux, or macOS

Use the desktop application backup feature to take a backup.

Then you can migrate to your Android phone with full confidence that you can restore if something goes south during migration*.


*I once entered 10 puns in a humor contest, hoping one would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

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