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A editing bug

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I am a Chinese, my English is bad.

I found a bug in Enpass version 5.5.2. Windows 10 version is Windows 10 Pro 1607 14393.953(64bit), all the Updates were updated.

Can not type with Chinese Input when I am editing the 字段名称(field name?), but English is well.

The attachment show the bug.

All not work on Win10 Chinese IME and QQ Pinyin Input were tested.

Is it a bug or my computer has a problem?

And I want to add a funtion.

Enpass remembers the last size all the time.

Because sometimes, open the Enpass will reset the size. (It is another bug?

我在版本 5.5.2 的 Enpass 中发现了一个 bug。



我已经测试了 Win10 自带的中文输入法以及 QQ 拼音输入法都不行。

这是一个 bug 还是我的电脑出问题了?


Enpass 永远记住最后一次关闭时窗口的大小。

因为有时候重新打开 Enpass 会重置窗口大小。(是另外一个 bug 吗?



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Hi @8n7jfe282i ,

Thanks for reporting this issue and I apologize for the inconvenience. I have noted down this issue and forwarded to dev team so they can try to fix this issue asap. Till then I request you to please cooperate with us.


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