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EnpassHelper error in v5.5.2


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If I exit Enpass (no matter if was locked or unlocked), an error dialog box pops up - attached. After I click on either of the buttons, EnpassHelper.exe process remains in the background.

Then if I run Enpass again, a new instance of EnpassHelper is started as expected. Then if I exit Enpass, the same error shows up, and now I have two background EnpassHelper.exe processes.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64


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Hi @Judy

Sorry to hear about your trouble and I apologize for the inconvenience. Before installing the update, please make sure that the existing Enpass app is completely closed (even from System tray or Menu bar) and if you are using your system as a multi-user please make sure Enpass app is closed from all user accounts. 

Also, open Task manager  -->Details--> and check if Enpass app is there or not? If yes, please quit it first and try to update again.

Hope this helps!

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