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Enpass for Windows uses unintuitive keyboard shortcut to delete

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Enpass on Windows has the [BACKSPACE] mapped for deleting an entry. This is very unintuitive and very abnormal on the Windows platform which has a designated [DELETE] key. It would be best if on Windows we either have it remapped to [DELETE], or we are given the option to remap it ourselves. I was attempting to delete an item today and kept trying to use the delete key which was not working. I then right clicked and after a few moments, noticed the "Move to Trash" option. This verbiage is also abnormal for Windows as it is a specifically MacOS terminology. It would make more sense to have the option just say "Delete Item", maybe in red font, and the subsequent dialog that appears for user confirmation can notify the user that it will be moved to the trash bin. In the Trash bin the "Delete" option could just say "Delete Permanently".

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