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Command Line Flag to only launch the systray icon


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I am using Enpass with a tiling window manager on Linux. Due to the nature of tiling window managers, there is no such concept as "Minimize windows". So after starting Enpass automatically on login, it spawns the systray icon and the main window, and ignores the "Minimze to tray" setting. I have to manually kill the window to persist the systray icon and not having a momentarily useless window on my desktop. 

I know that my use case (Linux with tiling window manager) is somehow special, but this problem is well-known among the users of tiling WMs. So i am asking for maybe a command line flag which one can pass to the Enpass binary which results in Enpass not drawing its main window, but only the systray icon. If one needs the main window after that, he can still spawn it via a click on the systray icon.

Thank you very much. 

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What ttk said, so huge +1


Also, I don't know how you guys managed that (or if it's maybe a Qt bug) but the systray is quite broken in general.

Let me elaborate on that (I use polybar and its systray):
With `xdotool getmouselocation --shell` we are able to get the window id below the cursor.
In case enpass is the only systray icon, the reported window id is 0 (this is wrong and not good and really really wrong)

I tried this with other applications (e.g. discord) and that behavior does not occur.

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