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John Doe

What are the keyboard shortcuts available on Mac OS and Safari Extension?

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A few questions please:

1. Are there any shortcuts for copying usernames, password, editing and savings items? Where can I get a list please? It's not on the user manual here https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/Enpass-Desktop.pdf

2. Are there any deals / promos for upgrading to Pro on iOS mobile device please? Any student promotions etc. 

3. Is there an app available for Google Chromebook? Is so do I need to purchase it or is it free of cost?


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Hey @John Doe,

Thanks for your interest in Enpass. 

  1. You can find keyboard shortcuts on the main Enpass window for item related operations by clicking ''More'' (vertical ellipsis) option on a selected item.
  2. Promotional offers are available only during a certain time; presently there are no offers/discount on app purchase.
  3. Enpass can be downloaded from Play store on Chromebook. You can use the app for free, however, there are premium features available as In-App purchases.


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I am trying Enpass. I have used 1 password for 5+ years but an unhappy that they went to a subscription only based model. I am used to being able to launch my safari browser extension with a keyboard shortcut as it saves having to navigate your mouse to click a physical button. Does this capability exist with Enpass on Mac OS in safari? 



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