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  1. I am not facing any issues on my Mac with latest enpass version
  2. Have you used any other Mac OS apps ever? Closing the X button would always close the window and not the app. It is a more logical workflow
  3. absolutely not. I like the current behavior the way it is on Mac and is consistent with other apps
  4. There is an existing thread already on this topic and they have released an update two days back which has fixed the issue
  5. I have your Mac App Store Version. Should I stay on it or move to your 6.3:2 version from your website ? Thanks
  6. This issue got fixed when I upgraded to iOS 13
  7. I have a need to occasionally share my username and password over WhatsApp or messages. There is a share button available in the iOS app under each item. When I select it to share, recipient gets it as *.enpasscard which can’t be opened. How to share it it as a normal text pls using the share button? thx
  8. I think I had better luck by deleting the Mac app, and reinstalling it from the Mac App Store. iCloud sync worked for me
  9. If you register with your email, you can then use the same email to activate Enpass on all other devices for no additional cost
  10. Don’t see your attachment that validates your purchase. Can you attach again?
  11. You should read their blog posts. All pro users were grandfathered into the system. Either you never paid for pro or there is an account related issue. If it’s the latter. Pls email their support team to validate your purchase
  12. They have changed their model. All you have to do is to sign up using an email and upgrade to pro.
  13. Thanks. I tried the latest version last night and the same issue happens. The text box goes way on top and I can search as per screenshot i am on iOS. 12 and iPhone XR thanks
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