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  1. yes it works. You can install the chromebook extension that works on chrome or download from the chrome web store
  2. It’s been answered on the forums current version works very well on mac m1 its not silicon optimized yet though and hoping for that to happen
  3. What makes you think enpass done this? I haven’t seen any notification on iOS 14 that enpass read your clipboard ?
  4. What happens when you right click on the password entry ?
  5. You should reword the title of the post. It’s needlessly inflammatory. Enpass is not stealing your money regarding your situation. Your backup won’t help if you don’t remember the master password. Your only option is to find a device with enpass still logged in and you can use that to export your content out. If you only had one device with enpass logged in which is now broken and don’t remember the master password, you can’t do anything else. You are locked out for good.
  6. Works for me on M1 MacBook. I use google drive sync though
  7. That made it much better - thanks
  8. Think you are making a mountain of molehill. Their pro features continue to be free and we have no loss in functionality since first purchased lifetime subscription. Give them some time to work out their plans to make it sustainable in future. They can’t just make everything free - their business would shut down and we would all be losing a useful product. I am a legacy pro lifetime user as well. As long as my pro features remain and i keep getting support for new OS, I am satisfied
  9. So I finally got my Mac M1 and here is my feedback I downloaded the latest version of enpass from their website. Everything is working fine including the safari extension and autofill. No issues to report. one quirk is that upon reboot the main enpass app window opens and asks me to use Touch ID to unlock it. Upon doing so it unlocks and I am good to go previously upon startup the main enpass window never showed up. Only on using the app it would ask to enter Touch ID or master password. How do I get back that behavior please where enpass window doesn’t
  10. What’s the red banner for and what’s it saying ?
  11. You can cut down your snide remarks. You were falsely claiming that chrome books are not supported by Enpass. I posted to say that I have chrome os and chrome and that combination absolutely works with enpass and it’s autofill service.
  12. Thanks but can you confirm if autofill works on M1 on safari and Firefox ?
  13. I have chrome book and enpass works well with autofill solution using the enpass android app and enabling it on accessibility. Your problem is something else
  14. Hi can you confirm if browser extensions and fingerprint and autofill are working via Rosetta on M1?
  15. Hi can you confirm that browser extensions and fingerprint and autofill is working on mac M1 using Rosetta?
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