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  1. Good point - hope they do that though i figure a lot of people (like myself) use the keyboard shortcuts and keep the app icon hidden from the dock
  2. I am using Enpass on Big Sur - works with no issues
  3. iCloud works but i have found google drive to be more reliable for syncing
  4. I didn’t come across many that fail, but those that do should get reported so the developers could fix them. I would suggest you list down the websites where autofill failed please
  5. Worth reading in full https://www.enpass.io/privacy-notice/ The part that concerns me is sharing personal data (name, email) with their business partners. Name and email is not a lot of information, but it’s still something and I would have preferred they dont do that
  6. John Doe

    Portable 6.4

    Any feedback pls?
  7. John Doe


    You seem to be highly entitled in your tone and unable to even explain what you mean.
  8. John Doe

    Portable 6.4

    Hi - on the back of your advice, I changed my sync from iCloud to google Now when I go to enpass portable, and give it authorization to sync via google - i get the below screen (attached). I click on copy, and immediately after that EnPass portable which is open - shuts down on my Mac What am I doing wrong?
  9. John Doe

    Portable 6.4

    Thanks. Any idea when the fix would be available. I have waited for the portable app to work for a long time i am using iCloud for syncing.
  10. John Doe

    Portable 6.4

    Happening the ame to me too 1. I downloaded the latest enpass portable file 2. When trying to load the backup file ending with *.enpassbackupdb generated by auto saving of vault by the desktop app, it get the internal error -995 Please help
  11. Please try not to be rude towards support staff
  12. I love your software on iOS and Mac Safari. A few suggestions to improve the Mac experience please. Each of these are very small 'quality of life' changes please and I hope you can deliver on them. 1. When using the safari autofill, and upon selecting a login item from browser extension -> if I press Cmd+E to open the same item in the desktop app -> it should directly open that item on Mac desktop. At the moment it takes me to the Mac desktop main page, where I have to search that login item once again 2. Similar to (1), if I am on a login item on browser extension, and then I click my mouse to go back to the web page I was on and then immediately press the keyboard browser extension again -> it should show me my previous searched and opened login item. At the moment - upon pressing the shortcut key of browser extension again -> it will require me to search the same login item again on browser extension!. Perhapsi ntroduce a time limit of say 2-3 mins after which, using the browser shortcut key, will refresh the login item back to the way it is right now. Reason I ask is that many times I have searched for a login item and then need to copy the username to paste on the website, and then press the shortcut key again to copy the password ---> and its gone, and I have to search the login item again ! 3. We need keyboard extensions in Mac Safari browser extension to copy the username and password from the login item box. At the moment -> only way is through a mouse click 4. On the Mac Desktop app -> if I am on the edit screen of a login item -> I am unable to use my keyboard up and keyboard down arrow keys to select text in any of your fields. For e.g. if I have to edit a URL, usually one should be able to use their keyboard up and down keys to select text. I can't do that on your Mac desktop edit fields 5. Finally on the generate password feature on IOS and Mac -> please give additional options for e.g. to include a number, special character, Uppercase, Lowercase when generating password. Some websites insist on any of these combination and I am unable to make them satisfy when using the password generator Hopefully all are small changes for your incredible dev team - kudos and full speed ahead Thanks
  13. I have network sniffer built in as well and I don't see this software connecting to their software. Please provide screenshot
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