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Lost/damaged/corrupt DB

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Enpass 611 and Windows 7-64 bit -fully up to date

I opened this site in Firefox: https://www.ezpassva.com/

I selected Login, used Enpass to fill in the userid/password and  pressed login

Firefox pretty much froze, as did other browsers (none with Enpass plugin) and apps .

I could use Alt-Tab but none of the app windows actually seemed to get full focus.

So I ended up using reset to reboot.


But, when starting ENpass after reboot, it determined this was a new Enpass install and offered to restore from Cloud etc.

In other words, the primary database was gone.

I have backups of course, but what on earth happened that the existing database vanished.


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For what it's worth (before I use restore), I have these files

In C:\Users\MyID\Documents\Enpass

walletx.db.backup dated July 2019

In C:\Users\MyID\Documents\Enpass\Vaults\primary

vault.enpassdb and vault.json, both dated today at 6:28 am

In C:\Users\MyID\Documents\Enpass\Backups

A ton of files and folders, the most recent being this dated today at 6:28 am


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By the way, when choosing restore from previous backup the enpassbackup  files I mentioned are shown

For both files as well, Enpass shows their correct date and that there is 1 vault and 279 items.

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Somewhat further but am getting "Invalid Master Password" now

I know it's correct as I've been typing it for a good number of months and, of course, it corresponds with what I have stored in my Keepass backup.

It's not obvious to me though which file is now being opened by the new version.

I also am not offered an option to try use a backup (i have not copied any files from my backups as yet )


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On a hunch I renamed  C:\Users\MyID \Documents\Enpass\Vaults\primary to primaryX

Re-opened Enpass - which now determined I was a new user.

I used "restore from previous backup" and chose the most recent file - just as before.

i.e. 2019-11-19-1574162916-1_vault-279_items-auto.enpassbackup

Entered the master password and that worked - I have access to the passwords and the Firefox plugin is working correctly.

Many thanks.



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