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Change My Lite Account Email to Pro


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I have bought Enpass Pro on Android and IOS while using a free windows store version on my PC. After a latest upgrade I created my enpass account through the PC version with one of my email(call it email1 here). Now email1 account is a lite account. How can I change it to a Pro account while I don't want to register with a new email on my Android? Would it be OK if I just login on my android phone with email1 account and the app could recognize and convert my account status?

Hope for replying, thank you.

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I also bought Enpass for two platforms (Windows and Android). Yesterday i tried to register for pro. But it shows me lite account on Windows. How can I get pro?

Now I'm waiting for the Android update so I can check it there. Can I login in with the registrated mail and the account status switch to pro?

Thanky you.

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Same thing here.

I used the same mail address on the android app today that I used yesterday on the free desktop in hopes it would just "upgrade" it to pro (which would make sense IMO) buuuuut it didn't.
Now the app only gives me access to 25 of my 155 passwords. I'm stoked!!!

Anyways. If you guys haven't entered a mail address on your bought mobile version, maybe use a different address and change the desktop version over to the new one. (Settings -> Account -> Change)
No promises this works though. Just me guessing...

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