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Android Notification for Autofill does not work

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On my Android phone I see a notification for autofill if I am on a website with logins.
But if I tap on this notification the Enpass app opens up but I only see "Kein Treffer" (Nothing found).

I am using Chrome on Android 7.0 (Galaxy S8) with Enpass latest official version and also on latest BETA version.

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hi @chrisonline

Thanks for writing in.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Please make sure the URL you're searching for is already saved in the URL field of the particular item in your Enpass keychain. The easy way to do this is to search for the item on the page where you see Kein Treffer, and autofill with the searched, desired item. Doing this will prompt you to add the URL of page automatically in particular item to make it available next time.

Hope this works for you.


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I'm sorry, but switching to Enpass keyboard is just too clumsy and a hackish workaround (just like using the builtin Enpass browser just to get pwd autofill working) that could be overcome just by adding a simple copy/paste functionality to the app when opened from notification. 

When I'm on a site or app and would like to autofill it using Enpass, and it either refuses to autofill the fields, or the notification just disappears after you drag down to open Android notifications before you can even press it to open it (yes, it does that too), I just would like to login to the site/app and not start to think how to submit new forum post or sending in support ticket. If there would be easy way from the App to send in message to let you know autofilling isn't working on this site/app (just one click), it would make sense. But still I would need to login right at that time, so it doesn't help me if it gets fixed next month.

I'm now starting to test the autofill functionality on Android O, so hopefully it will solve all these issues in some time frame.

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