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Migrating secondary vault to primary

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On Linux Mint I have a primary vault. Through another source I have created a second vault. After some testing, I now want the secondary vault to become my new primary. I have backed up the old Primary for safe keeping just in case.

1) What is the recommended process to copy the secondary vault to the Primary?

2) As the Primary on Linux is synched to iCloud, what happens when the new Primary gets synched for the first time to the old Primary in iCloud? Or how do I delete the old Primary vault in iCloud?


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Hi @PWManager

Welcome to the forum!

Method 1- Old primary data will get deleted from the drive and everywhere:

For iCloud sync, Enpass uses the Cloud kit, which saves the data internally. It's hidden, and only the Enpass app can access its data collected in iCloud. There is no direct way to delete the data of Enpass App from the iCloud. To delete iCloud data of the primary Vault, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure to take the backup of secondary vault data only and save it locally. (If you don't want to keep data of any other vault)
  • Please disconnect sync from all your devices. While disconnecting sync from Linux mint device, you will have the option "Also, delete data from iCloud" Enable it (make sure that hidden data is also deleted from the drive) and click on the Disconnect button. (Once you do, your old primary synced data will be deleted from the iCloud drive)
  • Now reinstall Enpass in the Linux and restore the data(data of secondary vault) saved locally.
  • Now Reconnect sync with iCloud on all your devices.

Method 2- Old primary vault data will be available in the primary vault along with secondary vault data:

You can move the item of secondary vault in primary vault once you select the particular vault(instead of All Vaults) from the top left. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select the secondary Vault and then select the item which you want to move (you can also use Ctrl+A to select entire item of the vault) --> Right click and you will get the option to 'Add to vault' --> Select the vault in which you wish to move ---> Tap on 'Move'. 

I hope this helps!

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