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Network Access Required?? Enpass will not successfully open

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Recently, I found the Enpass for Android will not open without network access...

I've been blocking with NetGuard because it's a local password store.... 

Behavior is:

I unlock with password or biometrics

the Enpass initial splash screen remains up indefinitely UNTIL I allow network access through NetGuard.



I also attached the NetGuard log


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Hello @d4rkpump,

Could you please share some more details such as the device you are using, the OS and the Enpass versions involved? Additionally, let us know the number of vaults in Enpass, and if you're using any cloud to sync your data.

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Android 9

Enpass version

1 vault

I am using cloud sync


By the way, I understand that my use of NetGuard would prevent cloud sync.  However, with the localized nature of Enpass and the fact it is closed source, I'd like to choose when that network activity occurs (new item to sync).  If there is a synchronous nature to the vault cloud sync call and actually using the vault, that seems like something to be addressed?

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