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Can't restore from iCloud

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I have purchased the iOS version of Enpass and have the desktop version on my iMac. Unfortunately I had to wipe my iMac yesterday and reinstall the operating system. When I run the setup and try to restore from iCloud, I choose iCloud from the 'Restore' list but clicking on the 'Continue' button has no effect.

Choosing any of the other options from the list like 'Dropbox' or 'OneDrive' allows me to continue.

I have version 5.2.2 (50)

Please help!


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Hi @Tom
Thanks for reporting the issue. This issue has been fixed and will be available in next update. Meanwhile please follow these steps:

  • Open Enpass and create a empty keychain with same master password that you are using on other device.
  • And then enable iCloud sync.
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