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Enpass Created Invalid Keyfile


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Apparently keyfiles are required for iOS so I set out to make one using my Windows version of Enpass. That part was easy. I exited Enpass and restarted to test using the keyfile and it worked as expected. I then went to set up iOS and used the bar code to scan the keyfile. Upon submitting, the iOS Enpass app said that the keyfile was invalid. Hmm. So I went back to the Windows installation to poke around and see if I had missed something. When I went to refresh the sync to my vault it of course asked me for the keyfile that I had just made. I selected the keyfile and of course, Enpass says it's invalid. If I quite Enpass, type in my password and select the keyfile, it works. Syncing however no longer does and I still don't have it working on my iOS device.

I'm in password purgatory. Please send help.

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