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limit reached premium package message won't go away


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Since today I have a message on my phone (not my Ipad so far) sayind that I've reached my limit of password (24) that I must upgrade to premium package, which I just did, but my passwords aren't bacl=k and I still get the same same message, even if I try to add the lost ones (they're still on my Ipad). When I check the parameters on my phone I can see that I paid for a year of the premium package but still I can can't get those passwords. Usually it synchronises itself Iphone/IPad (that's what it did when I first downloaded it ) Anyone with the same problem?

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Hi @Elaine61,

Sorry for the trouble.

To restore the purchase of Enpass, please update Enpass latest version from the respective Store and then follow the steps-

  • Open Enpass --> Click on ‘Settings’ --> Click on ‘Account/Trial user, not registered (1st option of the settings)' ---> Click on the email account and use the same email account to register with Enpass from which you purchased Enpass app earlier and follow the instructions.

If the problem persists, please take the backup of Enpass data first and then reinstall Enpass again using the same email account from which you registered the Enpass app.

If that doesn't help, please share the Enpass Purchase Receipt at support@enpass.io so that our team can help you better.


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