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Ability to change or disable keyboard shortcut for Browser


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On websites like leetcode.com and repl.com that has code editors, they use the shortcut "Ctrl + /" as a way to comment or uncomment code.

Therefore, when I code on these websites, the enpass pops up and it's annoying.

I wish I could either disable the enpass popping up or have an ability to change the shortcut.

Thanks for a great app. I love Enpass.


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@Pratyush Sharma, it looks like the page you referenced might need updating? Every time I use 'Ctrl+/' in the browser, Enpass pops up, and there does not seem to be a way to disable this behavior.

For Firefox, the Enpass user manual states:

  • Steps for creating shortcut in Firefox-

    • Hit the ⋯ icon on browser toolbar → click on add-ons → now go to extension section in the sidebar → click on preferences → set shortcut button. That’s all. It’ll land you on a page where you can easily set the keyboard shortcut according to your preferences.

However, Firefox (85.0.2, running on Big Sur 11.1) disagrees....(screenshot from the page described in the user manual)



As joji noted, the 'Ctrl+/' shortcut can be extremely frustrating when it conflicts with the functionality of web-based code editors. A fix for this would be super! Otherwise it is a deal-breaker for me and Enpass :(

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