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Read only synch to iCloud

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My family shares one Enpass password database in iCloud. Certain family members can manage the passwords others should only have read access. In other words, the Password Administrators use the normal Enpass synch mode. All others can do want they want to their local copy of the password database, however the minute that they initiate a synch with the iCloud,  the iCloud master copy gets copied down to their device and overwrites the local copy. Any changes that these users made to their local copy of the Enpass password database are lost. To make any password changes they must work through a Password Administrator.

How can I set rights management for different users of the same password database?


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Hi @PWManager

Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us.

To do so, you can create a new vault, add(move/copy) the item details in that new vault and share the same vault with them. To know about sharing a vault, please refer to this FAQ.



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