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Restore data file in Enpass for Windows


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Not sure what happened between one drive and my master password. I can't login my enpass on my PC it doesn't recognize and master password that I would have used. This is the second time this one drive thing has happened but was able to get everything back to normal. Not now.... What I did was deleted my enpass off my pc and deleted the files on one drive. Was following one of the helps on this site. I had no luck.

So installed a clean version on my PC, went to let it restore off my backup.... BUT wants the master password. I went through everything I could have used and nothing.

Im frustrated to no end.... I still have a copy of enpass on my android running and working.  If anyone out there could guide me, don't understand why it's so difficult to restore a file.


Thanks in advance for any help..... Zank 

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Hi @Zman58

Welcome to the forum!

Could you please share the below info so that I can help you better-

  • On which all device are you using Enpass along with OS?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on all device?
  • Are you able to access all Enpass data on your Android device?
  • Could you please login to your one-drive account and check if any data or folder is available in the app folder?


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