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Multiple vaults Nexcloud - how to think?


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I got a Nextcloud server running where all of my family has access, I want to introduce Enpass to them all.
How should go about doing this?

I need to create an shared vault - where should I put it?
On my enpass-user and thus on my Nexcloud share?
Has anyone done this - and can help me?

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Hey @mattias

You can keep using your primary vault as it is, for specific sharing purpose you can create a new vault and sync it with your Nextcloud WebDAV server. You can do same for your other Enpass installations and sync their respective vaults with same Nextcloud WebDAV server. To know about sharing a vault, please refer to this link.

Step 1- First, you’ll need to sync the newly created vault in Enpass. To do so, follow the below steps-

  • Open Enpass> Go to ‘Enpass settings’ --> Vaults--> Create a new vault by clicking on '+' --> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose a cloud account.
  • Enter your cloud account details, follow the instructions and wait till the sync is done.

Step 2- Share the cloud login credentials and vault password with the members you intend to share the vault with.

Step 3- Now the other team members can restore the vault data by creating a new vault in Enpass from Settings and restore the data via sync using the same cloud account as in Step 1. To do so, please follow the below steps-

  • Open Enpass> Go to ‘Enpass settings’ --> Vaults--> Create a new vault by clicking on '+' --> Click on Restore from the particular cloud --> Login the cloud account--> Click on Continue --> Enter master password (same you using while creating the vault)--> Tap on 'Continue'.


1- Any changes in the vault will remain in sync as long as none of the team members disconnects the sync on their devices.

2- Every person having access to the vault has full permissions to read, write (delete) any item from the vault, or even change the vault password as you can’t set any sharing attributes or access permissions.

  • You need to share the password of the vault which you’re sharing with other users.
  • You’ll have to share the login details of the cloud account with each user you want to share the vault with. Note: We recommend creating a separate cloud account for sharing vaults to protect personal cloud account’s privacy.


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