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When the Enpass window has been closed, it's impossible to reopen it


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When I open Enpass for the first time, the window appears and it works as expected.

Once I close the window (I mean clic on the Red Cross in the topbar), the window disappears, but as soon as I want it back, I clic the icon in my MacOS dock, but it does nothing. In every single other program, it just reopens the window. But here it does nothing.

To be able to get back the Enpass window, I have to kill the process and relaunch it from scratch.

Considering Enpass is an app I am constantly using, it is becoming super annoying to have to kill the process everytime I close this damn window.

Am I the only one having the issue ?

And for the dev team, I would very gladly provide any info that I can. If you need logs or details on specs, don't hesitate to reach out.

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We need a little more input from your side, so please let us know the following details so we can further investigate:

  • Number of items in Enpass?
  • Are you facing this issue after updating Enpas to the latest version?
  • Let us know are you syncing data with any cloud?

Thanks for your co-operation.

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