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Multi Monitor Support - Resizing issues

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I keep running into an issue when I have a second monitor attached to my laptop and open Enpass full screen from the system tray. Enpass opens on the laptop screen but the top portion of the menu is hidden of the top of the screen and i cannot move the window or access the search or add buttons. 

As a workaround I can either disconnect the second monitor and restart Enpass or using keyboard shortcuts to allow me to move Enpass window to the second monitor.

This only happens the first time I open Enpass after booting and reoccurs after every reboot. 

Details: Laptop screen 1920x1080 - 125% recommended scale. 

Second screen 2560x1080 100% recommended scale. Screens are extended second screen external is the main screen.

Windows 10 1909 OS Build 18363.815.

In my case it would be useful if Enpass would open on the monitor that is set as the main screen and scale to the appropriate dimensions.

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@Pratyush Sharma

I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7

I have 2 external displays hooked up to a macbook.  Every time I start Enpass it always opens on the macbook display.  It will not open on the display I activated it in.

Every other OSX Application I launch registers itself correctly.  Ie, when I launch my browser (Brave) for instance I can go to the Application menu and under Window it will show options to move the application to an available display.

Contrast this with Enpass only showing Main Window.


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