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Sudden Auto-New-Install and Backups Gone?

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I am not sure what happened right now, but when I wanted to use Enpass today, there seemed to be a freshly installed (auto-installed?) version, and it requested me to tell it the location for the Backupdata. However, in the location where I believe to have stored the backup data, all back-up-data since I first installed Enpass on this new computer seem to be gone. I cannot find them. I find the Enpass backup-folder where I very probably put it (in Documents / Enpass). While I cannot exclude not to have set any option for regular backups, I very very much doubt that. And it has never happened before that Enpass suddenly aks me whether I am a new user or have a backup somehwere?

My system is Windows 10 (still before the various May updates). The Enpass version newly installed on my computer is . Enpass version: I have no idea, because when I try to use an older backup (from March, which was left untouched by the problem, I get an "internal error -995). So I cannot even use Enpass with older backups? What is happening?

1. What did happen there?

2. Do I have any chances to retrieve my more recent backup data? Or is everything from the last two months lost? That would be.... problematic....

Best regards,




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Hey @123ABCXO

Welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble you are having.

Please share the following details so that we can investigate where the problem could be.

  • On which device (along with OS version) are you using having this issue?
  • Which Enpass version are you using?
  • Are you able to access all Enpass data on any other device?
  • Have you synced the data with any of the cloud?
  • What action you have performed after which you getting this issue?
  • If possible, please share a screenshot also?


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I already addressed the first two questions above (addition: Version 1909 of Windows 10 Home)

No, I am not able to access up-to-date Enpass data on another device.

No, I have not synced data with the cloud.

I have already described the actions.

A screenshot will reveal nothing beyond what I already said.

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