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Sync lost: Password of data on WebDav is required


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since a few weeks I have the same problem that has been described for the MacOs version already in combination with OneDrive. Just that I have it with Windows and WebDav. It stopped syncing returning the error, that the password of data on WebDav is required. Before everything worked fine, now it doesn't. First I thought it might be my fault but after trying several different approaches I think it's rather not.

I deleted the whole sync setup and deleted the data on the WebDav share. Setting it up again and syncing works fine, until I change some data (like adding a new login) then it starts failing. The same goes with the Android version. It seems changing data is corrupting the files.

Android Version:

Desktop (Windows) Version: 6.4.3 (666)

WebDav: nextcloud (current version 19)

I hope you can help me to resolve this issue.

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