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Websites are not recognized

Tobias S.

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I have a problem with Enpass Autofill on Android.

It always recognizes chrome.com, no matter which site I'm currently using. I've also tried different versions of chrome.

Thanks in advance!





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Hi @Tobias S. ,

Please tell us few thing so that we can investigate more about this issue,

  • Which Android version you are using?
  • Which Enpass version you are using?
  • Is Enpass Accessibility Service ON in your device?
  • Is this happen only while trying to autofill in Chrome browser or others apps also not recognized by Enpass autofill?
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  • 1 month later...

Android 6.0.1

Enpass 5.2.0

I don't know if you still experience this issue, seeing that you posted this over a month ago.

For me auto filling works as expected in both chrome's stable and beta channel. However, it does not work in chrome dev.

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