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Enpass Assistant popup should stay within the browser, not interfere with other parts of the screen

100 Watt Walrus

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Beta 6.4.2 (667)

I've mentioned in previous posts that I wish the Enpass Assistant would drop-down from its icon in the browser toolbar rather than float, because it doesn't float within the browser window, but independent of it. I hadn't really given an example of why this is a problem, but below is a screenshot that demonstrates the problem clearly: Because Enpass Assistant floats outside the browser window, it a) interferes with my Dock, and b) it's hard to click the [X] to close it because if you don't mouse to just the right spot, the Dock often gets the focus of the pointer. Enpass Assistant is the only browser plug-in pop-up I've ever encountered that doesn't just drop down directly from the button that activates it. Maybe this is because the Assistant UI within a browser is the same UI as when you use the system-wide shortcut to trigger the Assistant mini-window (which I never use). But it's very annoying having my browser extension interfere with things that aren't in my browser, and vice versa.




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Replying to myself here: I found my previous mentions of this issue, and a previous response from the Enpass team:


Enpass assistant is actually a part of the desktop app and works globally. You can invoke the same Enpass assistant anywhere with a global shortcut key or from the menubar to access your Enpass data. This is a very unique use case where a smaller version of the same desktop app is required in the system. Since it is not owned by the browser, it doesn't follow the browser's geometry or border.


I do understand this behavior is by-design, but the Assistant really does get in the way. Maybe just change the default coordinates so the Assistant pops up to the LEFT of the browser button that calls it if the button is on the right side of the screen, and to the LEFT if the button is on the right. That way you're sure to not have the Assistant interfering with areas outside the browser.

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