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bad work of synchonisation via different platforms


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Hi !

I'm using 2 Windows10-PCs and 2 IOS-mobiles. And the latest enpass Versions. But I don't like your Synchronisation via cloud. Because: your sync didn't work, sorry.

I try different clouds: Google,owncloud,Dropbox.

My Problem is, that the datas are everytime old. The sync hangs. Which solution/icloud do you recommend for customers?

bye, Thomas



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Hi @Thomas,

We are really very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Few of known causes for sync issue are:

* Devices have different date time.
* Different cloud account in devices (just double check in case) .

I do prefer Dropbox personally, however there is no such known issue with other cloud services. Also, let me know how many items do you have in your Enpass database?

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