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Are you an Indian company or the USA?


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When I started using enpass back in early 2019, I was choosing password managers from countries (India) that are not:

The '5-Eyes': The US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

The '9-Eyes': The '5-Eyes' group plus Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and France

The '14-Eyes': The two above groups plus Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, and Italy


Now I see that your company is already from the USA, and besides, the program is completely closed source. After the change of country to the United States, the confidence in you has become less and less and I can no longer trust my data to you.
It is a pity that you do not open the source code of Enpass (PC), it would add a huge number of users who value privacy.

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Hi @Dani

We keep minimal data related to a user on our server than a standard SAAS-based product. You can refer to our privacy policy here here. Enpass does not have any of your sensitive data or its keys (not even encrypted data) on its servers; hence, we do not have any more information about you than a government might already have.

I would also like to add that Enpass App uses open-source components for critical security parts, including SQLCipher for database format, OpenSSL for encryption routines, and zxcvbn for password strength calculation. I would again like to reassure you that Enpass is firmly committed to our users and their privacy.

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