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  1. I wish support would address the this. There are valid points that are really concerning.
  2. Since the Dropbox sync issue, I have the stable and the beta version install on my Macs. You cannot differentiate them just by looking at the icon. It would be nice to either add "beta" or something to the Beta version of the icon so you know right away which is which.
  3. Do we have to complete remove the 6.8.0 version?
  4. M1 is Apple's silicone processor that was released ~1.5 years ago. All new Macs are running M1s
  5. I hope we won't have to wait as long as we do for a native M1 app bc we still dont have that one. It's been couple of weeks with this syncing issue.
  6. That's 1 OS. What about Mac? iOS? Android? Etc This is a bug that annoys all of us. It should have been addressed, fixed and forgotten by now!
  7. Same as everyone above. Reported it here in details. As well as iPhone also experiences the same Dropbox sync issue.
  8. Could be, I honestly rely heavily on Dropbox for this. If it's a bug, I hope they address it and fix it ASAP. In case you try another cloud service, can you please drop a reply here just to mention if it's working or not?
  9. It sounds like an annoying bug. But I dont see other people reporting it, just us
  10. My iPhone synced today, but my Mac Mini M1 & Macbook Air M1 both don't sync and throw the same error. Obviously, the steps above didn't work. I'm also waiting on another solution.
  11. Does that mean you'd stick to the deadline of Q2?
  12. I've went through all those steps. We'll see how it holds up. Hopefull that solves the problem. Many thanks!
  13. I wanted to report this because I've been experiencing it more and more lately. It's not just my MacOS devices but also my iPhone too. This is what I keep seeing even though I re-autheticated it yesterday on all devices, I woke up to this error again: Not sure what to do or if it's just me who experience this
  14. Thank you for making this! It's really useful!
  15. Re: Universal app - the staff addressed this and they said it will be released in the Q2 of 2022. Meaning by the end of June, so, we'd have to wait I guess.
  16. Stay put for a few more months, the universal app should be coming soon I never used 1password really. About a year and half tried Enpass but the UI was so outdated that I thought that it's probably not updated recently or very unprofessional/unreliable. I only started using it again because my previous choice - Myki got acquired and all of their users were forced to move to a new PM within a month. Myki had its hiccups, but it was light years ahead of Enpass and majority of the password managers when it came to UI. It was beautiful, offline, pin (no master password), etc etc. Enpass comes close to it in terms of functionality, even though I dislike the very outdated UI. (UI is a matter of preference of course, some people like 2010 kinda look, I'm just not one of them)
  17. I know what you mean about being slow. I experience the same. It's not dramatically slow but definitely slower than a native silicon app. As far as I read, a staff member mentioned Q2 for an ETA when it comes to a native app, so, until the end of June we should have the native app (unless something goes terribly wrong)
  18. Coming from Myki PM (that just got acquired), Enpass UI looks very outdated. Over a year and half ago, I remember trying the iOS enpass app before choosing Myki. It looked so outdated that it screamed "unprofessiona and insecure" to me. Now that I started using the Mac & iOS apps, it still feels that way. Hence my question - do we expect a major update (design wise)? If so, when should that happen?
  19. I just tested this, works fine and as expected. However, I wish we had the option to use the dark theme regardless of the system preferences. I always prefered by password manager to be dark themes, but not the entire MacOS all the time.
  20. That sounds so aggressive. No need for that. People make mistakes, no one is perfect. You might want to tone in down if you wish to get some support in the future.
  21. It's interesting this was never addressed by the staff
  22. So, I had a conversation with our company's CTO - his opinion is you should remember 2 passwords: 1. Password manager's master password 2. Your main email's password (meaning, do not keep your email's password in the vault) His reasoning is the extra layer of security - if a hacker somehow gains access to your vault, they won't be able to reset majority of the accounts (at least the important ones - like bank and stuff) as they don't have the password for your email. Additionally, he doesn't store 2FAs in the password manager and cringes every time i tell him i do store my 2FAs in the PM. His thoughts on this - again, extra security - use a separate app like Authy that also has a password so even if someone has gained access to your vault, they won't really be able to reset your password (no access to the email) and they don't have the 2FA. Sounds like really paranoid to me (yes, it's secure but it's also inconvenient not to mention I tried Authy and I realized i can't get the 2FA key back, what a bummer). Currently, i do store my 2FAs & Email in Enpass. Curious to hear what are your thoughts on this?
  23. Oh man, i didn't even know we can tap on those Yes, that's precisely what i was looking for! Thanks so much for the tip!
  24. In some cases, some passwords are not up to us (ie when it's for testing websites or work - like i have a password that's "super" secure - 1234, but i can't change it and it's behind a challenge anyway). It would be nice to have the ability to move something from "weak" and ignore it.
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