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Enpass Firefox plugin crashes when opening Firefox after a Windows (re)boot

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For the past month or so, the Enpass app continuously crashes when I try to use it in Firefox.


  • It seems that after Firefox starts up for the first time after (re)booting windows and you try to use Enpass either by clicking the extension icon or using the keyboard shortcut, nothing happens.
  • The app crashes and automatically attempts to reload forcing a reauthentication with the browser.
  • It forces me to enter my master password again after this crash.
  • The tray icon in the Windows taskbar duplicates so it shows two Enpass icons. When you mouse over one of them it'll disappear further enforcing the theory that the app hard crashed.
  • I have tried authenticating with Enpass prior to opening firefox but it will still crash when I try to use it for the first time.
  • After that initial crash and reboot of the app, it seems to play nice and doesn't crash again until a computer reboot.


  • Enpass 6.4.3 (666)
    • Installed via the Windows Store
  • Firefox 78.0.2 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 Pro (10.0.18363)

Does anyone have any advice for what might be broken?

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Hey @KazeEnji

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you also confirm if you are getting the same issue on any other browser as well along with the Enpass extension version you using so that we can investigate the issue better.


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