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Master Passwd recover


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I restored the data from an icloud-baclup on a new iPhone, on the old iPhone (which unfortunately I have already deleted) I had Enpass with Face-ID and masterpasswd but on the new the Face ID no longer works and unfortunately I no longer remember the masterpassword, is there any way to recover it?

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Hey @Dave65

Welcome to the forum!

We apologize for the trouble you are going through.

Sorry to inform you that there is no way to recover your master password. Being Enpass an offline password manger, your master password is not saved anywhere. So there are no back doors to access your data and we can't help you get it back since it's encrypted with your master password only. Please refer to this FAQ for more info.

However, we have one solution for you if you are able to access Enpass using fingerprint/Face ID. To know more, please have a look at this forum post.


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