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Missing entries after import from 1Password (major bug identified)

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I would like to switch from 1Password to Enpass but moving data from 1Password to Enpass is a real challenge. I was able to find a workaround for an issue I had with the process and would like to share it here.

Hopefully this entry also serves as a bug report of some sort.

The issue: After exporting data from 1Password as 1pif and importing to Enpass, I noticed that some entries were missing.

The workaround:

I looked into the 1pif file and noticed an entry that was longer than the others and mainly consisted of form fields of the web application that I would be logging in.

Removing that line from the 1pif file seems to resolve the issue with the missing entries after the import (however I still need to verify that really all entries have been transfered).

The root cause (as far as I can tell): Originally I wanted to login to a web application that had a lot of form fields implemented ("under the hood" - not really visible for me as a user) - not just "username" and "password". Using the 1Password feature to create a new password and autofill it, possibly resulted in an entry with a lot of fields in the 1Password database. The entry I have identified consists of ca. 68000 characters on one line and thousands of web form fields.

The Enpass bugs:

  1. it looks like that during the import process, Enpass *seems* to import the data (the numbers being reported during the import are correct) but actually *does not* import entries with too many form-field entries, meaning the reporting functionality of the import part is broken. I consider this to be a major bug that needs to be fixed because it leads to data loss!
  2. it looks like the import functionality does not handle 1Password entries that have too many field entries/characters. Again this is something that I would consider a major bug because it will lead data loss during an import process.

As the numbers reported during the import suggest that everything has gone well, this bugs are particularly dangerous!

@Enpass-Team: can you please provide feedback if you can reproduce the issue and if yes, estimate when a fixed version of Enpass might be provided?

Kind regards,


PS: the versions involved on my MacBook running Mojave 10.14.6:

Enpass (AppStore)
6.4.2 (668)

1Password 7
Version 7.6 (70600005)
1Password Store

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Hi @PasswordUser,

Thanks for the detailed feedback and for pointing out flaws with the existing import functionality.
I'd like to know which type of items did not import into Enpass successfully- were these credit card details, webforms login info, etc.? 
If you could highlight specific applications or sites with such logins, we'll try importing them at our end. 
I can't provide you with an exact timeframe when the issue will fix; however, we'll release an updated Beta version of Enpass soon. You might try the import on the latest update.


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my 1pif export with 1Password 7.6 results in 2158 items. The import results in only 2137 items found. 

One note which I realised to not have been imported has just 78 characters in the body, 33 character in the title, 1 tag. No special characters. 

How is this possible? This is a serious flaw! At least there should be some report at the end of the import process which gives you the chance to recognise problems.


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Hey @Helge

Welcome to the forum!

Please share which type of items did not import into Enpass successfully- credit card details, web-forms login info, etc.? Also, if you could highlight particular applications or sites(URL) with such logins, with which you are having this issue so that we can check it from our end. Thanks!


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I can confirm this bug and I would appreciate a solution @Helge proposed.
@Garima Singh I'm also missing entries (200+) from the 1Password export but please excuse me, if I didn't go through all of my entries.. comparing each entry, identifying the missing once and. If I need to do that, I don't need an import feature at all, I could directly add each entry manually.

What I can tell: I'm missing a software licence information and more that I did not identify.

+ I don't know why, but importing a file multiple times the number of imported entries differed. 
(CSV-Import did import nearly all entries (only 1 was missing) but the result in Enpass was not usable. )

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Hi @Olivia2325,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

We have been working continuously to improve the import from the feedback we are getting from users who are facing issues. Could you please help us with the below info so we can figure out the problem:

  • Version of 1Password and its default language?
  • Version of Enpass you are using?
  • The device and OS on which you are trying to import?

Thanks for your co-operation.

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