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OTP Sync MacOS, IOS and Windows failed for Windows

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I have Enpass bought on IOS 11 and installed on MacOS 10.12.6. Both are synced by GoogleDrive. This is working perfect.

On my company Windows 7 PC I recently installed Enpass and sync with the same GoogleDrive. Passwords are synced perfectly, BUT the OTP's are totally different.

When I have the three devices next to each other the iPhone and Macbook are showing the same OTP but Windows a total different one. It's not that's one infront or one behind its totally random.

Anyone have the same issue? And maybe a solution?

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Hi @Dream Hosting

This problem surfaces when the date and time on your device are not accurate. Please synchronize your time with network on your Windows PC, preferably set to automatic, and if you've already done that then disable & re-enable the synchronization with network.

Hope this helps!

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