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Bug: Multiple website logins fail


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Windows 10 1909 64Bit – Enpass 6.5 (Beta) & 6.4.2

After updating desktop software from 6.4.2 to 6.5 (Beta) multiple sites fail to log in.

Clicking on a browser extension entry, log in details are entered but multiple sites simply ignore them. No error is displayed, by the website, it’s as though they don’t even see the text. Only if I manually copy and paste the log in details is the log in accepted.

If I then uninstall 6.5 (Beta) and reinstall 6.4.2 the same log in procedure now works correctly.

I installed 6.5 (Beta) twice and in every case the error was the same and resolved by reinstalling 6.4.2.

Websites tested GMX, 33mail and Kaspersky

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Hey @Thoughts?

The auto-fill feature is working fine on the website you have mentioned on the Chrome browser. To reproduce the issue, could you please explain the scenario a bit more with a small video as this will be helpful to diagnosis this issue along with these below details-

  • Enpass extension and default browsers and the version you are using?
  • Are you facing this problem on all browsers?


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Browser used was Firefox 79.0 64 Bit. Browser Extension 6.4.0

I did not test 6.5.0 in other browsers, but the non-beta release 6.4.2 worked across both Firefox 79 and Google Chrome 84. Log in issue was specific to 6.5.0, Firefox 79.0 and those three sites.

I have today, following your reply, updated Firefox to 80.0 and reinstalled 6.5.0 Beta and on testing it now works with the three sites in question. There may have been a glitch, but the latest version of Firefox 80.0 and Google Chrome 84.0 both appear to work correctly with 6.5.0 Beta.

Thank you for the investigation and hopefully it's sorted itself.

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