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Preserve the last used item view when closing Assistant


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For quick access, I use a keyboard shortcut to open the Assistant, then type in a phrase to find the entry I'm looking for, and copy the user name, password or whatever. It's really quick and convenient to do it this way, as you only use keyboard to do that. Sometimes, however, I need to access the same item more than once: to copy user name first, then password. As you know, when the Assistant window loses focus, it disappears (yes, I know there is the anchor icon for such cases, but it only slows me down, so I don't want to use it). So when you copy the user name of the entry and switch back to the application where you want to paste it, the Assistant is already gone. I click the keyboard combination to open it once again, but the search field is already blank, so I have to search for the same item once again...

Please consider an improvement here. I'm not sure how to do it right, but IMHO it is inconvenient that on reopening the window you have to search for the same item again. What would you say for setting a timeout after which you return to the main view in the assistant? Let's say that you search for an item, then select it or go to the details view, and then reopen the assistant. It would be natural for me to see the same item still selected/opened, at least for some short period of time, like a minute or so.

Thank you!

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