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100 Watt Walrus

How does Enpass determine the order in which custom icons are displayed?

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Been meaning to ask this for a long time: How does Enpass determine the order of custom icons in Choose Icon?

Whenever I add one, there appears to be no rhyme or reason whatsoever to where it ends up in the gallery of icons.

It's not chronological. It's not alphabetical by file name. It's not file size.

I have a few dozen of these because I've been using Enpass since before 6.0 had reliable favicon fetching, and every time I add a new icon, I have to hunt for it once it's been added, because it could be anywhere.

On the subject of custom icons, do they still have to be exactly 200x200 for them to display correctly (as was the case way back in 6.0.x), or has the scaling been fixed?

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Hi @100 Watt Walrus,

Thanks for writing in.

Expected behavior: Enpass should display icons in chronological order of their addition.
Present behavior: Enpass displays the icons randomly.

We were able to identify the problem and will implement a solution to this in the next update.


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