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2FA codes don't work any longer


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I have a BIG problem : I'm using Enpass for years. Some of my credentials require 2FA so I use Enpass to generate those codes. I had no problem at all for the past months but recently, none of my 2FA are working any longer. As a consequence, I locked out of many websites, I cannot login.

I have no idea what is going on.


EDIT 1: I'm talking about the Mac Enpass application. I have checked my Mac settings: date and time are synched on a time server.

EDIT 2: 2FA codes generated by the Enpass Android app ARE WORKING ..... It seems to be some kind of issue on the Mac client.


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OK, Fixed !

I create a specific answer for those who have the same issue: my Macbook was ahead of his time. World clocks were indicating 5:07PM while my Mac was 5:09PM. However, as I said, my Mac is supposed to sync on time.euro.apple.com. When reapplying this setting, the time changed on my Mac and now TOTP codes are working fine.

Sorry for the false bug report.

No sure to know why my Mac lost the sync though.


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