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Sometimes search field is locked


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There are times where I open Enpass and try to find an item, only to find that the search field won't accept any input. This only happens when the search field already has a string in it. In those cases, the existing search string can't be removed, making searching for something else impossible. The fix is to quit Enpass and restart it.

Am I missing something?

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Hi @ben1265,

Welcome to the forums!

This is a strange behavior of the search function. Does the search box have a particular string which you might have searched for earlier(some time ago)? If that's not the case, what sort of string does the search box have? Also, share the below details:

  • Enpass version, OS version and the device model
  • What filter does the search box while you come across this error? Example - Title, Passwords
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Yes, the search box has a string I searched for in the widget. The I select Open Enpass, and the search box is locked up, with the search text still there. I can't reproduce this consistently, but that seems to be the scenario.

Enpass version is 6.5.0 (700). Device is a Mac Book Pro 16" with touch bar (2019) running Catalina.


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