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iCloud Sync keeps disconnecting


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I am using iCloud to sync my Enpass data, and I noticed that every time I clear the Safari data, Enpass can no loger syncronize, and I have to set up the syncronization again.


Previously I was using Dropbox, to syncronize Enpass and I had no such issues on the Desktop. I did have issues on my iPhone, because I first had to open the Dropbox app, let it syncronize and then open Enpass, which was inconvenient, so I moved over to iCloud sync which has no such requirement.


But because I build websites, I have to clear out all browser data frequently, and this disconnects Enpass from iCloud.


Is there a way I can syncronize data between my mac and my iphone, without having to open another app first, and not have to set up syncronization again after clearing out browser data?



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Thanks for this i am facing this problem from long time. thanks for the support. My canada post tracking all data sycronized in the i cloud but for this disconnecting problem i can not update it. Should i try this to update or remove all the cookies which are showing as per your image.                                                                                                                                                      easycool




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Hi @aristosv,

Thanks for writing in.

To avoid this, please try to disconnect the sync with iCloud from Enpass settings, then again enable it, and you’ll be redirected to the iCloud login page. Here you just have to enable “Keep me Signed In” as shown in the image given in this link. If the problem still persists, please share the following details.

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