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Google Login Page Takes User Name Not E-Mail

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Windows 10 Enpass Desktop 6.5.1 (723) & 6.5.2 (725) & 6.5.2 (727) - Chrome Extension 6.5.1 & Firefox Extension 6.5.1

When trying to login to Google, the User Name (Screen Name) is entered rather than the e-mail address. If I edit the Enpass entry to change the User Name to the e-mail address it functions correctly.

The behavior is the same in both Google Chrome 86.0.42 and Firefox 81.02 and is specific to Google (other logins function normally). It seems to be a change 'by' Google because even older versions of Enpass (6.5.1) that previously entered the e-mail address now exhibit the same fault. If I create a new login from a Google template the same thing happens. 

The entry as mentioned can be modified so it does work correctly, but thought it worth letting you know the error.


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Hello Garima

Thank you for replying.

In Enpass two Google entries are shown as:

Username: My Screen Name

E-Mail: Account E-Mail

Password: Password

Prior to the issue I've reported; when logging in to Google, Enpass would correctly enter the e-mail and then the password. It would correctly, not use the Username as part of the login.

Approximately a week ago, without any change to Enpass software, or to the entries within Enpass, when logging into Google the Username was now pasted into the login window. I've changed nothing at all, but for whatever reason the Username is the first item pasted in, whereas before it was the e-mail.

If I modify the above entry so it shows as below the log in process will operate correctly.

Username: Account E-Mail

E-Mail: Account E-Mail

Password: Password

If I create a new Google entry with the Username as before, Enpass will again wrongly enter that Username.

Your colleagues may wish to try a Google entry with:

Username: Your Screen Name

E-Mail: Account E-Mail

Password: Password

And see which information is entered first, it should be the e-mail, but for me at the moment it is now the text from the Username section that is entered.

I'm wondering whether Google may have changed the login section and that might now trigger Enpass to enter the Username text rather than the e-mail.

As mentioned this is true with all three desktop versions and both Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Regards Thoughts?

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