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Firefox Plugin 5.5.0 doesn't work


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I am using Windows 10 1709 with Firefox 56.0.2 and Enpass 5.6.2 (Windows 10-Edition from the App Store).

The latest Enpass-Plugin 5.5.0 for Firefox never get a connection to the Enpass App.

But with the old Enpass Plugin 5.4.3 from the Firefox "Plugin Store" it works.

That solution works at the moment. But with the releas of Firefox 57 the old Enpass Plugin 5.4.3 will stop working under Firefox.


Has someone else this problem?

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Hello. I have exactly the same problem. Just removed 5.5.0 and installed 5.4.3 And that works. With 5.5.0 I get the connection error.

I also installed chrome and the latest plugin, that works, and also Edge is working fine with latest version. 

Please fix this

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