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Sync issue with several Win clients


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Hello !

As reported already to your service (and hopefully fixed soon):

I'm using two ISO clients and three Windows clients (Win 10, Win7, Win7(domain)). 64bit.

All are synchronizing to a WebDav folder. This works very find for IOS. All IOS clients are always up to date.

Win does have a sync problem. When adding or editting enties on the Win clients they do not get updated or added reliably to the other Win clients.

Some are not updated or not added. In both directions Win10 to Win7 and visa versa.

But when I delete the db files on the Win clients and resync from WebDav all entries are there. So they ARE all in the WebDAV db but there is an issue with the sync mechanism.

This leads to double entries and me not having reliable data. It would be great if this could be fixed soon. Data integrity is most important for a tool like Enpass.




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