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Just wanted to point two errors about the spanish localization in the UWP app:

  1. When right clicking an entry inside the folders' or favorites' section it should show 'Eliminar', but shows 'Remover' instead (which means 'stir' in english, not 'remove'). In the main section appears correctly.
  2. In the spanish language there is no capitalization in titles and such as there is in english. All of them are capitalized and this is just wrong. For example:
  • 'Tarjeta de Crédito' should be 'Tarjeta de crédito'
  • 'Iniciar Sesión' should be 'Iniciar sesión'
  • ...

Otherwise the app keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work with the UWP!

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In addition, if you go to Preferences > General, the phrase "Unlock Feedback" is incorrectly translated as "Desbloquear Comentarios", which is really confusing and totally wrong.

  • "Unlock Feedback" should be "Sonido de desbloqueo"

I also found some other mistakes in Preferences > Advanced.

  • "Cambiar Ubicación" should be "Cambiar ubicación"
  • "Usar el lenguaje del dispositivo" should be "Usar idioma del dispositivo"
  • "Administrar la Configuración" should be "Administrar configuración"
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