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Folders: option to show items not allocated to a folder


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I use Folders extensively and have hundreds of items in Enpass. It is difficult to find those cards that I have setup but have not got assigned to a folder. Having the option to switch on and off a folder in the list to show these unallocated items would be extremely useful - alternatively, having a feature to show unallocated items in a separate list and allowing them to be allocated to folders would be another approach that would help in these situations.

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Agree. I'm testing Enpass having been a longtime LassPass user. I imported over 704 entries from Lastpass, spent hours creating the same folder structure I have in Lastpass, and find there is no easy way to see which of the imported entries I missed in not assigning to a folder.

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I agree it would be a worthy addition, but please prioritise improving the program’s current features and translation before adding anything else.

Enpass has numerous quirks which anyone would notice after intense usage. Its only strengths are built-in synchronisation and mobile apps; other than that, it is lacking. However, I believe the team could make it happen!

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