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How to make Master Password to change in all devices at once?

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Hello, I've bought a Premium License and I would like to know how I can change my Master Password of all my devices at once. I use a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad and iPhone; and I don't like that If I change Master Password from my MacBook Pro, anyone with my old password can still access my Vault in my other devices.

I hope my point is clear. Is it possible by hosting the Vault in the Cloud? so that if changing Master Password in one device, automatically affects all my devices in order to get in.

Thank you for reading me.


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10 hours ago, Garima Singh said:

Hey @Leandro73

We apologize we couldn’t reply over the forum quickly.

To do so, refer to this FAQ and let us know if you have any queries. For more details, you can go through this link. Thanks!


Thank you for your answer @Garima Singh I have read what you indicated. So it seems there is no way to do what I need (to change Master Password at all my devices at the same time)... I have to do it one by one?? Is there any way to remotely lock Enpass in a device? I hope my point is clear. Thank you again.




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