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Add new sites/passwords from Browser extensions


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The biggest thing I'm missing right now is the ability to save a site password from the browser extension, when the site is not correctly auto-detected. I'm thinking a (+) Add site button below the Generate password button, or as an item in the menu.

It would be really nice if this were to integrate nicely with the password history if the Password generator, either allowing to create an item from a generated password, or maybe allowing to select a recently generated password when creating a new item.

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That is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about having the functionality to save a new login when the auto-save functionality doesn't detect the login. Instead of relying on the auto-detection completely it would be nice to be able to bring up the create entry form without having to open the main application.

The form is already there when it auto-detects a login, so it seems that it shouldn't be that hard to simply create a new button / menu entry to open it?

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