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Mistakenly Re-purchase


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I've contacted Enpass through support form but no one reply it until now.


Recently I changed my phone to iOS, before this I already have Enpass Life time license, but when I logged in my email to Enpass it says "Free User" so I press buy on iOS and now my account on iOS is 1 Year subscription not life time like on my android and laptop.


How can I get change to life time just like my other devices?

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Hey @Stefen

Welcome to the forum and we apologize we couldn’t reply over the support form quickly.

To restore the old purchase of Enpass, please use the same email account to register with Enpass from which you purchased the license of Enpass app earlier and follow the instructions. If that doesn't help, please share the Enpass Purchase Receipt via PM or at support@enpass.io along with this forum post link so that we can help you better.

Also, as you have mentioned that the new purchase was a mistake and you don't want it, in this case please share the new purchase receipt as well.


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Make sure you logged in using your PRO email address it should recognize your pro status. Also make sure you don't confuse PRO with PREMIUM. Enpass now came up with a different plan other than PRO. Premium has some specific features that are not on PRO but PRO will continue the same and with more stuff too later on, just make sure you know what you are doing.

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Then the question is how can I get back to pro? I used the same email as my pro email on other devices. 

To be honest it’s always become a problem every time I reinstall Enpass on any device I want to used. The subscription is not automatically shown (always shown as free user) 

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