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Two users need to share a single OneDrive account's data


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My wife and I both have our own OneDrive accounts.  My Enpass account is the original vault on my OneDrive.  I added Enpass Windows Desktop to her machine and registered with the original email that the purchase was based on and it registered OK.  Enpass then prompted for "new account" or "restore".  She chose restore from OneDrive(as it did for our iOS devices).  Enpass did not prompt for credentials, it simply found an instance of her OneDrive on her machine and came up with an error stating there was no Enpass 6 data to be found and created a new blank vault.  Not what I wanted, we want to share data as in the iOS devices lets us do.

On each iOS device we have set up, Enpass asked for specific credentials for OneDrive and all was good.  On windows, Enpass just tries to use the local OneDrive account and does not ask for credentials.


What is the workaround for this?


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Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us.

To sync your vault of Enpass database with one-drive cloud so that you and your wife both can access and edit the database saved in Enpass. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Open Enpass on your device and go to Enpass settings --> Click on 'Vaults' --> Select the vault which you wish to share with your wife---> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose a one-drive cloud account to your database.
  • Enter your one-drive cloud account details, follow the instructions, and wait till the sync is done.
  • Open Enpass on your wife’s device--> Click on ‘Settings’ → Click on ‘Vaults’ --> Click on “+“ to create a new vault/ Select the vault you wish to sync ---> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose the same cloud account from which you had enabled sync on your device.
  • Once the sync is done, the database from your device will be restored(visible) on your wife’s device.

Also, you can refer to this FAQ.

On 1/10/2021 at 8:32 AM, ELECTRICPURPLE said:

On windows, Enpass just tries to use the local OneDrive account and does not ask for credentials.


What is the workaround for this?

Yes. To resolve this issue, kindly logout from the one-drive cloud account from your default browser and try to set-up sync again. If the problem persists, please make another browser a default browser to set-up sync with one-drive cloud and check.

Let me know if you have any query.

Hope this helps!

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