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Lastpass to Enpass - Same functionality?

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Lastpass is severely restricting their services for free users next month. I'd like to use the same services that lastpass offers, including using via an extension, different profiles for work, and 2FA as well as automatically filling in credentials on my android phone and Windows 2 in 1 device. Lastpass has a lastpass authenticator and allows you to use the Microsoft authenticator app to have 2FA to login too. 

I'm prepared to pay for the lifetime fee for this from enpass if this isn't included in your free version. Please could someone advise if I could migrate from lastpass to enpass and keep the same functionality as the free version of lastpass? (correct as of 23rd February 2021)

When I've asked support these questions, they don't actually answer my questions. I'm hoping that I get a response here. If I don't, then I'll just go elsewhere. 

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Hey @anonymous

Welcome to the forum!

Sad to hear that your contact with the support team was not helpful and we are extremely sorry for the unpleasant experience. The answer to your queries is-

Auto-fill using Extension-  Yes, we do provide auto-filling on the desktop using the brower extensions. Enpass Browser extension/plugin works with chrome, Firefox, safari, edge, opera browsers to auto-fill the details.

Multi-vault- In Enpass we do have the multi-vault feature, using which you can distinguish your personal, work and family vault and sync them to different cloud accounts.

2FA Support- Enpass is an offline password manager and doesn’t keep any of your information or Enpass data on any cloud/server. Two factor authentication is used in online services where the requested data is transmitted after validating the user through a second factor (generally an OTP on phone or email) and works as an extra protection, which is not at all required in case of offline services as your data is with you only. To add a another layer of protection for your data stored on your cloud accounts, you can enable 2FA there. 

Same thing have been discussed on our forums here 

However for additional security along with your master password you can always add keyfile in Enpass as a 2SV.

Free version of Enpass: The Free version of Enpass offers all the core features on Desktop including the following

  • Unlimited items.
  • Multiple vaults.
  • Cloud synchronization across all devices via iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV, and Box.
  • Adding and generating one-time passwords (TOTP).
  • Item sharing.
  • Identification of Weak, Old, and Duplicate Passwords.

On mobile devices, free users can store 25 items.

Also the Lastpass data can be easily imported to Enpass. Here is the tutorial video that makes the onboarding easy and quick.

Let us know if you have any other queries.


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Hi I currently use enpass but have also use Last Pass in the past. Before you switch, evaluate what you are looking for. If you want something that works exactly like last pass, Enpass is not going to work. However, if you want something that serve the same set of requirements but works differently, then let's continue.

The main difference between Last Pass and Enpass is the way it stores the passwords. Last pass password is stored in the cloud on the Last Pass servers. Enpass are stored either locally. If you have multiple devices a cloud drive like google drive can be setup to sync the password file across the different devices. Note that the setting up your own cloud drive can be an extra step that some people do not like. However, the chief reason to do this is to be more secure. Hackers can't hack Last Pass to get to your password, they can't do it with enpass because it's not store on their server.

Both product will serve your needs for most password. Both Last Pass and Enpass have support for windows, IOS, and Android. The UI is significantly different and will take getting used to. Last pass has a lot of granular feature like ability to lock based on which field in the vault, etc that are very specific to last pass. Last pass also allow you to store things like credit card info, etc. I have not use those feature and so don't know if they exists in enpass. If you are a heavy user of last pass specific feature, you will either need to buy last pass or give up on them. I notice many of the other password managers don't have them.

What enpass does have is TOTP integration. The way this works is that you can add TOTP to an account. Lets say when you log into amazon and is set up with 2FA. On last pass, you will have to login then look up the code in last pass authenticator and then manually enter the number into the site. On enpass, when you enter the user name and password, the 2fa code will be place in the clipboard so all you need to do is hit paste. This is a feature currently available for the Enterprise version of last pass, but not the consumer version.

Last pass has more recovery options. If you lock out your account, there are a number of recovery option assuming you set them up ahead of time. For enpass, if you forget your master password, there is no recovery. This isn't necessary bad though. Keep in mind that each recovery is a backdoor to security, but keep this in mind since you may value recovery over security.


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